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          • The Annex specialises in permanent living solutions, creating garden houses complete with a kitchen and bathroom. Available in two customisable designs.

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Using our configurator you can design your perfect garden office with minimal effort, ensuring it’s tailored to your own personal preferences and specifications.

You can get a great idea of how your new garden office will look by using the 360 degree rotating viewer.

Also compatible with mobile and tablet devices

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Review By: Mrs Kemp


Every element of the Green Retreats experience has been disappointing. We have been living in the building they "finished" in September 2023 and it is now clear that their incompetency has been putting the safety of my family at risk for the last 10 months.

Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong from the start of the process. We experienced delays to the installation process, errors in the specification that was ordered (and fitted), and we still have a list of ongoing and unresolved issues including the floor not being fitted correctly, the pocket door mechanism failing and an issue with the drains meaning we are living in a building with sewage smells. We have been advised by a 3rd party that the consumer unit they have installed was not compliant with wiring regulations at the time of installation.
The poor electrical installation has severely compromised the safety of my family.
Today we discovered that the burning smell coming from the electric shower is because it had been installed incorrectly. This failure in workmanship could have caused a fire causing damage to the building and danger to our lives.

I would strongly recommend you avoid using Green Retreats.

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Where do I begin?

Where do I begin? The ordering process was haphazard. Had to keep pointing out we have 2 Summerhouses being built so that we could approve both. Order confirmed. Lots of different people involved some repetitive in requesting information - asked for one point of contact - finally in place. Survey person came out. Explained positioning, nothing seemed a problem. Had staked out where the pool was going and gap between pool and paving and Summerhouses. Not a problem. Received pack of information (no problem); fixed preliminary date for install of bases. Surveyor cam out and met pool guys for their work and positioning of pool house and no issues identified. Explained existing Summerhouse would be remove and ground levelled and existing shrubs cut back ready and small trees removed. No issues identified. Pool started, shrubs removed, old Summerhouse and shed gone. Was asked to take photos to confirm - all provided and then at the last minute - problems. This needs moving, that needs levelling, and the threat of a fine for us not being ready of (wait for it) £15,000. Surveyor visits site - problems. This needs doing, that needs doing, all confirmed in email and I stated ANYTHING ELSE. Nothing. So all fixed and done within 24 hours. Builders now turn up to start base laying. Problems. This needs moving, that needs moving, this needs digging out, and I mentioned none of this came from the surveyor. Rolling of eyes, with that those who say and those who do look. Request again, wanting the surveyor out because fed up with bits of information and no site report. In the meantime, today, received another threat that because of the delays the penalty could now rise to £35,000 but in the interests of 'customer service' this will be lowered to £800. Shambles, shambles, Shambles. Have requested several times to speak with the CEO - He will not come on the phone. Caveat Emptor folks. Mr McCloud, if you do happen to view this you may wish to remove your name and association or better still I invite you to come down and see what is going on (since the CEO does not want engagement) to see how an uncomplicated set of activities can be made to sound like intricate brain surgery. You decide who has had the frontal lobotomy.